Amazon Redshift

Elastic Cloud Gate is your best option in working with Redshift as well as creating tables and uploading data. We have all the tools you need to manage the Redshift cluster completely.

Elastic Cloud Gate Offers Wizard to Create Table and Import Data

When you finished creating a Redshift cluster in the AWS Management Console, our portal will provide you with a user-friendly wizard that can help you import the data into an existing table or create a new table.

You can execute the wizard in real time or output it in the form of a query, which is adjustable and can be run later on. In addition, you can use different SQL commands to query any of your Redshift database.


Elastic Cloud Gate Offers the Scheduler for Redshift

If you want to change parameters in the cluster, the scheduler allows you to do so. This includes changes such as the number of nodes or the size of instance based on the hourly, daily or monthly basis. You can also execute upload data based on the schedule.

Elastic Cloud Gate Allows You to Chart Redshift Metric

This is another option you will get with Elastic Cloud Gate service that can chart Redshift metric in order to track performance and utilization of Redshift database. You can also change your cluster setting and review Event Log.

  • Review RedShift Databases
  • Modify Cluster Parameters
  • Reboot or Delete Cluster
  • Schedule Database Snapshot
  • Schedule Change of Cluster Parameters
  • Schedule Shut Down and Restore Cluster
  • Review Cluster Metrics
  • Query Database
  • Import Data On-Demand or based on the Schedule

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