Amazon RDS

Amazon Relational Database Service or Amazon RDS can help you set up a relational database in the Cloud. Amazon RDS is supporting Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL database engines that can be set up, scaled and operated in AWS.

You can use our Elastic Cloud Gate console to easily review status and manage your RDS databases


Advantages of Using Elastic Cloud Gate to Manage RDS

  • Create RDS snapshot backups or delete old snapshots based on custom schedule
  • Automatically create RDS backup snapshot based on hourly, daily and monthly schedule
  • Schedule maintenance to delete old RDS snapshots based on your own criteria
  • Easier to manage custom tags assigned to your RDS Instances
  • Chart Amazon RDS metrics to review performance and utilization of your database
  • Option to review RDS Events and Logs

With Elastic Cloud Gate, you have all the necessary tools to create RDS backup snapshot and avoid all the hassles when creating and managing custom tags. It has all the complete features like schedule snapshots, review RDS status, review RDS snapshots, create RDS tags, review DB log, review RDS events, chart RDS metrics and copy snapshots between multiple AWS Regions simultaneously.

  • Review status of RDS
  • Review and delete RDS snapshots
  • Schedule snapshots
  • Schedule Stop/Start DB Instance
  • Copy snapshots between multiple AWS Regions simultaneously
  • Create or modify RDS tags
  • Review RDS events
  • Review DB log
  • Chart RDS metrics and statistics

For the list of all features offer by Elastic Cloud Gate click here