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Elastic Cloud Gate mobile app can be utilized to review the status of your CloudWatch alerts, schedulers status, alerts and log review. It also provides an option to send notification about executed tasks.

Review EC2 Instances

Our mobile app provide option to review status of EC2 Instances. By selecting EC2 instance you can review details information including EBS volumes list as well as Start or Stop Instance

ECG Mobile App

ECG Mobile App
ECG Mobile App

What is CloudWatch?

It is a monitoring service that is made specifically for various AWS cloud resources and the different applications you have running on AWS.

What are the Uses of Cloudwatch?

  • Collect and track metrics
  • Collect and monitor log files
  • Set alarms
  • Monitor AWS resources and custom metrics generated by your application and services
  • Gain a whole system visibility into application performance as well as resource utilization and operational health

How to Review All Actions and Schedulers Log

Users are now able to review all actions that were executed from our portals as well as all logs from any scheduler. This will provide you a better understanding of the operation of your systems and applications.

You will be able to filter by:

  • Action Type
  • AWS Region
  • Status (Succeeded / Failed)
  • Object Name or ID
ECG Mobile App
ECG Mobile App

Review Schedulers Status

If you need report regarding your tasks scheduled for current day you are in right place.
You will be able to quickly find out which tasks was already executed, which failed and which are schedule to be run.

You will be able to:

  • Filter action by execution status
  • List upcoming or executed tasks
  • Review execution errors
  • Get notification about executed tasks

Now you have mobile tools to manage EC2 Instances as well as review status of your schedulers and be notify about execution of your tasks.

  • Review status of EC2 Insatnces
  • Start/Stop EC2 Instance
  • Review alerts and logs
  • Review AWS CloudWatch
  • Review status of tasks

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