AWS Disaster Recovery

Elastic Cloud Gate is your best solution when you experience outage of your AWS Servers. With the help of our service, you can now have a Disaster Recovery plan in case there are outages.

Elastic Cloud Gate will provide you with a user-friendly wizard that will let you plan, setup and manage Disaster Recovery between AWS regions.

Advantages of Using Elastic Cloud Gate

  • Specify source and destination region
  • Replicate AWS resources between regions
  • Schedule update servers in DR region
  • Setup different DR scenarios per instance

Our services can effectively help you with the planning of DR and setting up your Disaster Recovery between AWS regions.

AWS Disaster Recovery
AWS Disaster Recovery AWS Disaster Recovery AWS Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Scenarios

The Disaster Recovery scenarios that enables customer to cost-effectively operate each of them are: Backup and Recovery, Pilot Light for Simple Recovery into AWS, Multi-Site Solutionand Warm Standby Solution.

When doing backup and recovery, the traditional method is to have the data backed up to tape and sent off-site. This method will have a very long recovery time. With the AWS Import/Export service, it will enable the transfer of very large data sets by shipping storage devices directly to AWS. You can have many backup solutions, which store backup data in Amazon S3 that can also be used from Amazon EC2 system. In terms of recovery of data in a disaster scenario, the process is tested quickly and reliably.

For the Pilot Light method, AWS enables you to automate the provisioning and configuration of the infrastructure resources. This would save time and eliminate human errors.

For Warm Standby Solution scenario, the system is scaled up quickly to handle the production load during a disaster. With AWS, it is done by adding more instances to the load balancer and resizing the small capacity server to run on larger EC2 instance types.

This section is aimed at providing the best option to configure as well as manage aspects of the scenarios for Disaster Recovery mentioned above. Our wizard for Disaster Recovery will provide setup across AWS regions and across AWS accounts. In our wizard you can select source and destination region, account and instances that you want to replicate to Disaster Recovery region. You will also get the option to define Disaster Recovery Parameters for every resource.

To find out more about Disaster Recovery and how Elastic Cloud Gate can help you with planning DR, read our article.


How to transfer EC2 Instances between AWS accounts
  • Replicate AWS resources between regions
  • Replicate AWS resources between different AWS Accounts
  • Schedule Instances or EBS update on regular bases
  • Setup different DR scenarios per instance
  • Modify EBS IOPS for DR volumes

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