What is Auto Scaling?

The auto scaling feature provides adequate flexibility to manage number of instances during spikes in demands and inactivity periods. If you need to scale your AWS instances based on conditions and demands or if your instances experience hourly or daily variability in the usage, then you need Auto Scaling.

How to Configure and Setup Auto Scaling

The best solution is Elastic Cloud Gate. We offer a user-friendly wizard, which will help you configure and setup auto scaling.

Here are some of the advantages of using Elastic Cloud Gate:

  • Our wizard can give you the option to create auto scaling immediately or download CloudFormation script which can be executed later on, directly from AWS Console
  • You can review the status of your Auto Scaling groups
  • Edit and update existing Auto Scaling groups
  • Suspend or resume Auto Scaling process
  • Review activity in Auto Scaling
  • Terminate or replace instances in your Auto Scaling group
Auto Scaling Auto Scaling
Auto Scaling Auto Scaling
Auto Scaling Auto Scaling
  • Review status of Auto Scaling groups
  • Review status of instances under each Auto Scaling group
  • Wizard to create or update Auto Scaling
  • Delete Auto Scaling groups
  • Manage policies, notifications, schedules, tags, and metrics of Auto Scaling
  • Suspend / Resume Auto scaling
  • Track activity
  • Terminate instances
  • Replace instances inside Auto scaling group
  • Alerts via Email or Text Message (SMS)
  • Distinguish auto scaled instances from the normal ones on the instance page, thanks to automatically created aliases for all instances
  • Create Auto scaling CloudFormation script
  • Chart Auto Scaling metrics and statistics

For the list of all features offer by Elastic Cloud Gate click here

Use the most reliable Elastic Cloud Gate to setup Auto Scaling for your AWS instances that experience daily variability.