• Review status of Instances
  • Immediately start or stop instance
  • Review EBS volumes attached to instances
  • Schedule start, stop, or reboot instance using user-friendly wizard
  • Conditioning Stop of the instance (prevent stop when certain conditions are not met e.g., CPU usage or network traffic)
  • Chart instance metrics
  • Auto attached Elastic IP, after instance start
  • Schedule change of the instance type
  • Change the instance type on-demand
  • Schedule “Always On”
  • Create or modify instance tags
  • Review instance metrics
  • Schedule snapshot of the EBS volume with an option to be copied to another AWS region
  • On-demand backup
  • Schedule maintenance of the snapshot to prune old ones
  • Schedule backup (AMI) of the instance with an option to transfer it to another AWS region
  • Schedule maintenance of the old AMIs
  • Schedule auto resize of EBS volume
  • Change size of the EBS on-demand
  • Change EBS volume type
  • Create or modify volume tags
  • Chart EBS volume metrics
  • Review, Create, Copy, Delete EC2 Images (AMI)
  • Scheduler Templates
  • Filter Template resources by tags
  • Create new EC Instance from the EBS root volume snapshot
  • Copy AMIs and Snapshots to multiple regions simultaneously
  • Create volume from snapshot in different region
  • Restore volume from Snapshot backup
  • Search EC2 Instances
  • Export EC2 Instances Details to csv
  • Create or delete SimpleDB domain
  • Review and explore domain
  • Insert, edit, and delete items or attributes
  • Import or Export data
  • Scheduler for import or export data
  • Cross-Region Transfer
  • Review RedShift Databases
  • Modify Cluster Parameters
  • Reboot or Delete Cluster
  • Schedule Database Snapshot
  • Schedule Change of Cluster Parameters
  • Schedule Shut Down and Restore Cluster
  • Review Cluster Metrics
  • Query Database
  • Import Data On-Demand or based on the Schedule
Billing & Usage
  • Review current total usage or usage per AWS service
  • Cost Allocation Analysis
  • Reserve Instances planning and analysis
  • Spending by Zones, Regions and Instance Type
  • Track running instances per hour
  • Chart monthly usage per Allocation
  • Download current or previous statement
  • Schedule statement delivery directly to your email on daily or monthly bases
  • Schedule spending alert – total or per AWS service on daily or monthly bases
Disaster Recovery AWS
  • Replicate AWS resources between regions
  • Replicate AWS resources between different AWS Accounts
  • Schedule Instances or EBS update on regular bases
  • Setup different DR scenarios per instance
  • Modify EBS IOPS for DR volumes
  • Review all snapshots
  • Snapshots Filtering (e.g., filter only Storage Gateway snapshots)
  • Delete snapshots
  • Create or modify tags
  • Copy existing snapshots to another AWS region
  • Schedule Snapshot
  • Schedule maintenance of the old Snapshots
  • Search Snapshot
  • Snapshot Analysis
  • Review all buckets
  • Create new buckets
  • Delete buckets
  • Upload new files to the bucket
  • Download files from the bucket
  • Delete files from the bucket
  • Schedule synchronization of the bucket with FTP server
  • Filter Synchronization by files extensions
  • Search file(s) across all S3 buckets
  • Open multiple windows with 4, 6 or 9 charts simultaneously
  • Configure each chart independently
    • • AWS Account
    • • AWS Region
    • • Data Interval
    • • Refresh Time
    • • Alerts
  • Option to choose from 103 metrics across 11 different dimensions
  • Review status of RDS
  • Review and delete RDS snapshots
  • Schedule snapshots
  • Schedule Start/Stop DB Instance
  • Copy snapshots between multiple AWS Regions simultaneously
  • Create or modify RDS tags
  • Review RDS events
  • Review DB log
  • Chart RDS metrics and statistics
Dynamo DB
  • Review status of Dynamo DB tables
  • Explore tables
  • Import or Export data to tables
  • Schedule import or export data on regular bases
  • Chart DynamoDB metrics
  • Review Lambda Function
  • Delete and Invoke Function
  • Schedule Invoke Function on regular bases
  • Chart Lambda metrics
EC2 Monitoring
  • Monitoring of CPU, Memory and Disks Usage
  • Monitoring Event Log
  • Monitoring Windows Services
  • Usage Alerts
  • Schedule Consistent EBS Snapshot
Security Management
  • Review security group
  • Explore security group
  • Add, delete, or update rules
  • Schedule auto grant access to a rule for selected IP
  • Manage multi users
  • Create permissions for users
  • Create and manage federated users
  • Cross-Region Security Group Copy
Elastic Load Balancer
  • Review status of Elastic Load Balancers
  • Review status of instances under each ELB
  • Schedule attach/detach instance to Elastic Load Balancer
  • Register or un-register instances from ELB
  • Change settings of ELB
  • Delete ELB
  • Chart ELB metrics
Auto scaling
  • Review status of auto scaling groups
  • Review status of instances under each auto scaling group
  • Wizard to create or update auto scaling
  • Delete auto scaling groups
  • Manage policies, notifications, schedules, tags, and metrics of auto scaling
  • Suspend / Resume Auto scaling
  • Track activity
  • Terminate instances
  • Replace instances inside Auto scaling group
  • Alerts via Email or Text Message (SMS)
  • Distinguish auto scaled instances from the normal ones on the instance page, thanks to automatically created aliases for all instances
  • Create Auto scaling CloudFormation script
  • Chart auto scaling metrics and statistics
Storage Gateway
  • Review status of Storage Gateways
  • Review status of the volumes under Storage Gateway
  • Review and delete snapshots created by Storage Gateway
  • Schedule maintenance of the snapshots to prune old ones
  • Chart Storage Gateway metrics
  • Chart Volume metrics and statistics
Route 53
  • Review Route 53 zones
  • Export Route 53 zones to csv file
  • Create or delete Health Check
  • Chart Health Check status
  • Schedule CloudFormation Stack Deployment
  • Review status of CloudWatch alerts
  • Review AWS CloudTrail alerts
  • Review schedules and actions log
  • Manage multi-user environment
  • Track open security groups
  • Track public open S3 buckets
  • Generate diagram of AWS network
  • Manage multi AWS accounts
  • Quick review of AWS resources
  • Track on-demand jobs
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Review Trusted Advisor
  • EBS Volumes Pre-Warmer
  • Email notification regarding scheduler execution
  • Email Schedulers Staus Report
  • AWS Backup Status Report
  • Support China and Gov Reions
  • Schedule WorkSpaces Reboot
  • Mobile App