Elastic Cloud Gate monitoring feature will change your computer to AWS Monitoring Centrum.

Our cloud monitoring is valuable for every organization running business-critical applications on Amazon AWS, where continual monitoring of cloud resources is very important to ensure that they are being effectively utilized and perform at expected levels at all times.

The AWS cloud monitoring capabilities allow organizations to proactively monitor the health and performance of their critical cloud infrastructure as well as the applications running on the AWS.

Using our service you will be able to monitor real-time AWS resources such as:

  • * EC2 Instances
  • * EBS Volumes
  • * RedShift
  • * DynamoDB
  • * Storage Gateways
  • * SQS
  • * SNS
  • * Elastic Load Balancers
  • * RDS
  • * ElastiCache
  • * AutoScaling

You will be able to detect and resolve problems in a timely manner. Also, you will gain visibility into the resource utilization of your cloud infrastructure, which might help you in capacity planning.

AWS Monitoring View 4 Chart Monitoring View 2x2 charts AWS Monitoring View 6 Chart Monitoring View 2x3 charts AWS Monitoring View 9 Chart Monitoring View 3x3 charts

Our AWS Monitoring service will allow you to open multiple monitoring windows. In each window you can select 4, 6, or 9 charts to be shown simultaneously.

Each chart can be configured independently. You get options to choose the CloudWatch statistics from 103 metrics across 11 different dimensions.

AWS Monitoring Chart Configuration

In addition you can specify AWS account, region as well as data interval and chart refresh time.

Another feature that comes with our Monitoring is alerts. For each chart you can specify a threshold for alarm or warning.
When the last data value exceeds the set up threshold, the chart will be highlighted in red or yellow, respectively.

Watch AWS Monitoring Centrum in action