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Advance AWS Management & Monitoring

Elastic Cloud Gate is the leading SaaS solution provider for advanced managing and automation of Amazon AWS resources. By using our service you can automate many tasks that are taking your valuable time, and focus on more productive ones. We will give you the ability to manage a single or multiple AWS accounts.
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Backup Automation

Schedule backups and snapshots of your EC2 instances, EBS volumes and RDS, SimpleDB, DynamoDB and RedShift databases. Schedule maintenance of the old backups, including Storage Gateway snapshots.

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Cost Reduction

Reduce your cost by scheduling start and stop of your EC2 instances whenever needed. Schedule EC2 “instance type change” to run appropriate size for the time of the day. Use large instance at peak time and smaller when traffic is low. Use auto scaling to maintain quantity of instances based on the CPU or Network usage.

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Automate security access to your AWS resources for co-workers as well as for third party companies. Use federate users for access to your AWS Console to avoid creating and maintaining of multiple IAM accounts

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Disaster Recovery

Protect your EC2 instances and data in case of unexpected disaster. Be prepared for the worst case scenario with solid Disaster Recovery plan. Take advantage of multi regions provided by AWS.

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