Enterprise Solution for AWS Cloud Automation, Management & Optimization
We can help you leverage the most value from your AWS deployment, providing top-flight performance, versatility, and security, with the least expenditure of resources.
Our AWS tools are simple to run, amazingly effective, and most of all, affordable.
  • • Automate tasks that devour your IT resources
  • • Ultimate AWS management tools at your fingertips
  • • Control costs and eliminate inefficiencies
  • • Reduce risk and optimize your disaster recovery response

Elastic Cloud Gate is a leading SaaS solution provider for advanced management and automation of Amazon AWS resources.
Check out our features to learn how we can help your enterprise optimize its AWS deployment.
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EC2 Scheduler
Discover the power of automated scheduling of backups and snapshots of EC2 instances, EBS volumes, RDS databases, and more. Eliminate waste of precious IT resources.
Auto Scaling
You decide how big is just big enough. Precisely scale your EC2 capacity to match demand, so you're never caught short, or paying for unneeded capacity.
Security Management
Automate security access for internal users and external accounts. Eliminate the need for multiple IAM accounts, streamline and tighten access to your AWS resources.
Disaster Recovery
Efficient, always-available disaster recovery activated at the click of a mouse. Pilot Light and Warm DR solutions will have you back on your feet as quickly as possible.
Total information awareness for your AWS deployment. Monitor resources precisely and simply, to ensure you achieve maximum AWS efficiency and value.
Cost Reduction
Enjoy scheduling and automation tools that allow you to monitor spending and reduce costs. Run what you want, only pay for what you need, eliminate high-usage surprises.
  • “ECG has proved valuable to our cloud operations with AWS particularly with the scheduling feature for AMI backups and retention settings. Additionally, the ECG service gives us a more reliable means to execute AWS CLI commands to save money on a monthly basis. Well worth the cost, and ECG continues to add new features while listening to their customer requests for added functionality. Great job ECG Team, keep up the great work!"
    MEBC, Inc.
  • "ECG simplified our backup and disaster recovery process...
    We like EC2 scheduler to schedule backups and maintenance of AMI's and snaphots.
    I would definitely recommend your service. ECG has advanced cloud management and automation features set"
    Waqar Shah
    EtQ, Inc.
  • "great efficiency in the use of AWS and a safe way to backup our customers data... very use to use and unlimited actions at a fixed price.
    YES! definitely I do recomend eCloudGate to anyone willing to automate their AWS operations at a very atractive cost.
    Once a needed a specif feature and they responded quickly implemented it"
    Claudio Galer Chinicz
  • "Low cost.....Simple and intuitive interface
    Yes I will recommend. Your products/services you offer have a simple interface and I never had any problems."

    Mario E. Fernandez
    Compañía Distribuidora Continental, S.A.